PMbot is a meeting/standup-runner that allows you to check in with your team and receive a report of their responses. You can either initiate the check-in publicly in a channel, or initiate it in a direct message (DM) with PMbot for a more private report.

How to Install

We are currently testing bots in a closed beta. If you would like to join, fill out this short survey and let us know more about your team. You will be invited to a Slack channel and given instructions on how to install and use your bot.

Running a Meeting in a Channel

Start a meeting by typing this to PMbot in a channel:

@pmbot checkin @eric @ben @mae

In this example, PMbot will go out and collect responses from Eric, Ben and Mae at the same time, and deliver a report into the channel it was initiated. Simply add however many team members you want have them added to the check-in.

You can also check-in with the entire channel:

@pmbot checkin @channel

That will send a check-in request to all members of the channel simultaneously.

Receive a Private Report

If you want to receive the results of the check-in privately, initiate the check-in with PMbot in a direct message (DM). PMbot will go out and do the exact same check-in, only the results will be sent to you in a DM.

Create a Custom Questionnaire

To ask your teammates questions of your choosing, train the PMbot by saying:

@pmbot train

PMbot will ask you for the questions you’d like to send. Simply send it a few questions. Each message will require an answer from your teammate.

Do you take cream in your coffee? Would you like tacos or pizza for lunch? How about cake or ice cream?

When you’ve submitted all the questions you want to include, type:


PMbot will ask you for a name, to save this questionnaire for future use. We recommend something short and easy to remember, like:


Once you’ve picked a name, send it to your teammates with the execute command. Simply type:

@PMbot execute food @eric @ben

PMbot will go out and ask your custom questions to the team, and deliver the responses to you.

Feedback & Feature Requests

We want to hear your thoughts about PMbot. Is there something you wish it could do? Is there an interaction that is just not quite right?

Let us know by dropping us a line using this bot feedback form. Or, you can send us an email to