Finally, a simple, searchable wiki tool for use in Slack. Search and edit shared documents with ease, all within your Slack team.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a preliminary document for select beta testers. Slashwiki is not yet available to the public.


This app is built using PHP, and should be easy to host on most web servers.

We recommend running the wiki on a subdomain, such as:

For the purposes of this guide, we will use that URL as the example.


You will need to configure a few things to enable the wiki:

Set up a slash command

To learn more about using slash commands, visit this page: Slash Commands

  1. Visit this link to set up a new slash command for your Slack team

  2. Choose a command. We recommend ‘/wiki’

  3. Specify a URL. This should be the root URL followed by ‘/slack’.

  4. Select the POST method.

  5. Enter Autocomplete help text.

  6. Save Integration.

Create an application record

  1. Visit this link to create a new application record.

  2. Enter a name.

  3. Enter the root URL where your wiki is hosted.

  4. In the Redirect URL(s) field, enter the URL of your wiki, followed by ‘/login’:

  5. Enter a description.

  6. Note the Client ID and Client Secret. You will need these for the next step.

Configure the config.json file

All configuration options are stored in a file called config.json.

  1. Put the Client ID and Client Secret keys from your application record into their respective fields in the config.json file.

  2. Put your Team ID into the config.json file

  3. Put your bot’s desired username and the #channel (include the hashtag) in which you’d like to receive updates.

  4. Finally, specify the root URL of your wiki. Remember to add the http:// prefix.

  5. Set “require_auth” to true.

  6. Save the file.

Completing installation

To finish installation, upload the code to your webserver. Be sure you are running the latest version of PHP.

Congrats! You should have a Slack-integrated wiki for your team.

To test that your wiki is working correctly:

  1. Test your slash command to confirm that the tool is searching your wiki.
  2. Edit a page to see that the channel is being notified of updates.
  3. Click a link to make sure they navigate to your wiki.

Feedback & Feature Requests

We want to hear your thoughts about Taskbot. Is there something you wish it could do? Is there an interaction that is just not quite right?

Let us know by dropping us a line using this bot feedback form. Or, you can send us an email to