Slack is quickly changing the way we communicate at work, but also provides a robust system that can leverage data to create new efficiencies and processes. And we love it.

Applying years of software design, API integrations and time spent chatting in chatrooms, XOXCO is excited to offer a new range of Slack-related services:

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Available Now


Taskbot is a helpful task management bot for Slack teams. You can assign tasks to yourself or teammates, and Taskbot keeps them organized by channel for you.


Meeting-runner bot for Slack. This bot helps with simple standup meetings across your team. Collect answers to custom questions using its train feature.

XOXCO Public Bot

Add our public bot to your own Slack and it’ll add some fun and useful features, like Soundcloud search and table-flipping GIFs!


A node module that provides an easy way to send messages to Slack (incoming webhooks) and receive messages from Slack (outgoing webhooks and slash commands).

You can install easily in Terminal using NPM: npm install node-slack

Slack Developer Hangout

We set up a public Slack team for developers, designers and anyone who is interested in building bots, integrations or plugins for Slack. You can get an invite here and start chatting with us.

Coming Soon


A Markdown-based Wiki that integrates directly into Slack so users can search documentation from anywhere. Beautifully simple and easy to host. Read about it here.

Slack Bot Engine

A Node.js framework for creating and extending Slack bots. Building a new behavior for your bot is as easy as writing a single Javascript function.

Recent Essays on Slack

A collection of our Slack-related writing from around the web.

User Testing in Slack

Inviting users to test bots in our Slack team is great!

Start Automating Your Business Tasks

Connecting bots for efficiency in the workplace.

Slack is the Operating System

Designing messaging experience (MX) with Slack.

Our Slack Wiki

A look at the Slack-connected wiki we built for our team.

I Build API Integrations for Laughs

An introduction to the world of XOXCO’s custom Slack bots.