XOXCO Public Slack Bot

This is a proof of concept demonstrating custom Slack “Slash Commands” that connect to various APIs and return useful and amusing responses to Slack. You can add this bot to your Slack!

Currently, this Bot offers the following commands:

/soundcloud [song title]

Search Soundcloud, and have it a matching song inserted right into Slack


Angry? Flip a table with a random GIF from tableflipper.com

/award [someone] for [something]

Give an award to someone in your channel.

Add this Bot to your Slack

  1. Create an Incoming Webhook integration. Name your bot and customize it's icon if you want. Copy the hook url provided - you'll need this for step 3.
  2. Create a Slash Command integration. Set the command to be /soundcloud
  3. For the Slash command's URL, enter:
    http://baymax.xoxco.com/hook?webhook=[HOOK URL FROM INCOMING WEBHOOK]
  4. Save your Slash command.
  5. Go back to Slack and type /soundcloud [search term]. A Soundcloud player should appear magically!
  6. Repeat steps 2-4 for /flip and /award with the same configuration.
  7. Enjoy!

Hire Us

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